That One Post That Was Totally Unexpected, but Neccessary

Well, my dear friends, we’ve come to another impasse.

You might remember back in April when I took a sabbatical to help my husband prepare for his deployment to Afghanistan and my relocation back to Connecticut.

2014 has been a year of immense challenge + change. This became even more apparent when I turned 30 in June and it felt like my life was being played out in fast-forward.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you’re a compassionate person + I know you’ve sensed the tension behind my words for months.

August/September 2014 Sabbatical @

It’s time for another sabbatical. I never expected to take two sabbaticals in one year, but 2014 has proved to be quite unique in every aspect (I bet you’re experiencing it too!).

While I won’t be posting a new post each week, I will still be active on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, so I hope you’ll join me there for the time being. If you haven’t joined the VIP list, now’s the perfect time because I’ll be announcing lots of great things when I return in October.

There also might be an occasional Mental Musings post during my sabbatical, because I can’t just stay away from you too long. 😉

When I return, I’ll wrap up the chakra series + being a whole new post series that I hope you’ll love, as well as lots of new Sparking Creativity posts. Until then, keep practicing your Yoga + creating all the incredible things your mind dreams up. 😀

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