Open-Minded Wisdom: Sahasrara (Chakras 101, Part 8 of 9)

Started from the bottom, now you’re here.

You’ve reached the top – the pinnacle of the chakra chain.

Yeah, it’s pretty epic, but there’s even more to it than that (keep reading!).

Open-Minded Wisdom: Sahasrara (Chakras 101, Part 8 of 9) @

Your seventh chakra, sahasrara, located at the top/crown of your head, is your center of unlimited wisdom, pure awareness, and universal consciousness. This is the hub of enlightenment. This is when you stop identifying with your ego – your outward version of yourself – and begin to truly understand your natural infinity + your connection to every other living thing.

This is big stuff. Just one glimpse, one single moment of truly feeling the power of this chakra can change your mentality permanently, thanks to the innate wisdom we all have within us.

You may not experience it in this lifetime, but the challenge, growth, and transformation you experience from working with the other chakras is enough to change your life for the better.

There’s no way to experience sahasrara without first ensuring that all of your 6 other chakras are spinning efficiently – and keeping them spinning efficiently all at the same time is the project of a lifetime (FYI: that’s part of the reason you exist – cool Yoga trivia there).

The point I’m trying to make is that you need your base before you can reach the top. You need to fail before you can succeed. You need to work through all your sh*t before you can have anything awesome with someone else.

Start where you are – whether or not you experience your sahasrara chakra on a regular basis is not the point. The fact that you’re attempting to is the point. That’s how the wisdom comes.

As with all of the 7 chakras, each chakra has a specific location along the back of your body, along with associated body parts, colors, natural elements, sounds, senses, asana poses, + key physical/mental symptoms to tell if that particular chakra is spinning efficiently (instead of slow or out-of-control).

Meet your Crown Chakra – Sahasrara:

Location: The top/crown of your head

Associated Body Parts: Skull, brain, top of your head

Color: Light Purple, White, or the Full Spectrum (depending on the lineage of Yoga)

Element: Thought

Sound: Silence or HAM SAH or AUM/OHM/OM

Sense: All senses

Focus: Pure awareness, infinite understanding, universal consciousness, moving past your identification with your ego/”I”/physical body/mind

When Spinning Slowly, you may be: Apathy, learning difficulties, rigid belief system, closed mind, spiritual cynicism, depression

When Spinning Too Quickly, you may be: disconnection from your spirit +/or your body, excessive attachments, living “in your head”, confusion, over-intellectualization/over-thinking, spiritual addiction

When Spinning Efficiently, you’ll have: open-mindedness, ability to question, intelligence, presence, wisdom, mastery, spiritual connection, ability to assimilate + analyze information, ability to minimize the influence of life’s roadblocks

If you experience any of the symptoms of your sahasrara chakra spinning too slow or out-of-control (who doesn’t?!), there are a number of easy + delightful things you can do to help it return to spinning efficiently:

  • Get Colorful!: Depending on the lineage of Yoga, sahasrara is represented by purple or white. As a huge purple fan, I advocate having purple things around you at all times. That being said, from a scientific perspective, white is the presence of all colors (with black being the absorption of all colors), so pick a color you love it + rock it! Being true to what makes you feel spectacular is a big part of your sahasrara, so live with the colors you love.
  • Meditation for the Win: Like Yoga, meditation is a practice that many talk about, but are worried about trying. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Modern science continues to prove countless benefits to meditating and it can be very simple to do. Check out the link to Yoga Journal’s post on learning to meditate at the beginning of this bullet point. For most of us, it helps to have a specific thing to focus on during meditation – I recommend what was taught to me: with your eyes closed, focus on the sensation of the air entering and exiting the tip of your nose; cool as it enters, warmer as it leaves.
  • Helpful Asana: With a focus on your brain + the top of your head, the physical practices for your sahasrara chakra involve asana that have contact with the top of your head + tap into the wisdom within it. Suggestions: Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand – please only practice this pose if you already practice it; otherwise only practice this with instruction + assistance from an experienced teacher), Padmasana (Lotus – or any comfortable meditation posture where your hips are above your knees, such as Sukasana or Virasana); Pranayama before Meditation: Nadi Shodhanam (Alternative Nostril Breathing)

Wisdom + self-understanding, like all the other great things in life, flourish with time. Keep exploring, keep practicing, keep asking yourself the tough questions. Never stop learning, never stop loving, + always be willing to try something new. 🙂

Up next: The final Chakras 101 post – a simple practice to balance them all, anytime anywhere (stay tuned!)

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