That One Post with Survey Results from YOU (+ Great Things to Come)

There’s no better way to start off this post than by saying that you – yes, YOU – are INCREDIBLY AWESOME! Whether or not you had a chance to fill out my first-ever survey, I’m so immensely grateful for all of the wonderful people who read this blog, including those of you who may have just stumbled upon my humble site 🙂

Now, down to business …

My first-ever survey wasn’t just a chance to get to know you a bit better (though I enjoyed that part of it) – it was a chance for me to get your honest option about Yoga, your experience with Yoga, + how I can help you dive deeper into the world of Yoga without feeling lost, confused, or freaked out … and you really delivered!

Thanks to all of your wonderful responses, I have a plethora of ideas for new blog post series because I know more about what is important to YOU. Here’s a summary of the other great feedback gathered from my first-ever survey (+ I provide some insight into my first paid offering!):

  • Many of you have tried Yoga before + some of you are Yoga teachers (very cool).
  • Sanskrit, Chanting, Yoga’s religious connections, + Yoga’s science of Ayurveda are the most confusing elements of Yoga for you (+ I’ll definitely be tackling those topics soon).
  • Nearly 75% of you are subscribed to my VIP newsletter (the BEST way to stay up-to-date!)
  • Also, nearly 75% of you have kids, live in the United States, + are active on Facebook (with Twitter being a close 2nd). Most of you enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, + being outside in your spare time (me too).
  • Last but not least, 60% of you are interested in my upcoming paid offering, an e-course about living your Yoga in the modern world – hooray!

OK, so I was a little sneaky. While I was very eager to learn more about all the wonderful folks who read my blog posts, I was also doing a bit of research for my first-ever online paid offering.

An online course that you can take with you anywhere + enjoy anytime, I’ll be sharing with you the 10 ways to weave Yoga into your everyday, modern life (whether you make it on your mat or not!). Your daily life is a vital part of your practice + when you start weaving in the elements of Yoga when you’re eating, driving, spending time with friends and family …etc., your whole word become more positive, loving, + fulfilling.

Already interested? CLICK HERE to sign-up for my VIP newsletter list AND be sure to select the check-box under the “I’m also interested in” header so you’ll be the FIRST to know about all the latest updates on the e-course, when it will be available, + you just might get a few bonuses (hint hint).



What’s the ONE thing you’d like to see more posts about?

Yoga Q&A? Yoga 101? Meditation? Asana sequences? Book reviews? Music reviews? Clothing reviews? Interviews? Ayurveda? Playlists? Recipes? Behind-the-Scenes? … Something else?

COMMENT below, share your thoughts on how I can make my weekly Wednesday posts even more useful for your unique life, + join the conversation!

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