The Desire Map Part 01: The What, Why, + How

Oh dear blog, how I’ve neglected thee …

And you, my fantastic reader on the other end of this screen, I have forsaken thee …

OK, that’s enough of the uber-old-school talk – the point I’m trying to make is that I fell off the blogging bandwagon (yet again) and its time to make some big changes!

Desire Map Part 01: The What, Why, + How @

If you’ve been following along on my journey for some time now, then you know that my career has taken many twists + turns: modeling, acting, singing, writing, photography, yoga … the list goes on.

Personally, my life has been quite the rollercoaster as well: started writing professionally, father died unexpected, moved to San Francisco, moved back to Connecticut, got married, husband joined the Marine Corps, moved to San Diego, became a yoga teacher, husband deployed to Afghanistan, moved to Brooklyn, almost got divorced, husband got out of the Marine Corps, moved back to Connecticut so he can go to college … wow, that makes me tired just reading it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the adventure of life + I’m always eager to see what’s next, but the twisting + turning is getting a big exhausting. I’m 31. It’s time for a greater sense of direction – and you get to witness the whole (messy, spectacular) process!

Before you think this post is all about me, it’s not – it’s about you too. It’s about your curiosity, your struggle, your desire to have the life you feel in your heart + soul, but you’re not quite sure how to get there.

This is not my struggle – this is our struggle – as creators, as modern yogis, as humans. I hope my process will give you some insight, some inspiration, some drive to get out there and make things happen for you.

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A Chakra Refresh: Bhuta Shuddhi (Chakras 101, Part 9 of 9)

Here we are.

We’re traveled up your chakra system to the top + beyond.

What else is there?

You’ve come along with me on this epic journey, but now what?

All of this information is great to have + refer to. It can help you determine which of your chakras aren’t spinning efficiently, but how do we prevent that from happening?

How do we attempt balance on a daily basis?

A Chakra Refresh: Bhuta Shuddhi (Chakras 101, Part 9 of 9) @

For this final Chakra 101 post, I’d like to introduce you to the practice of bhuta shuddhi – a type of simple meditation that helps to balance the elements of your chakras. If you do one thing for your chakra system each day, do this.

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Mental Musings: Do It Anyway

Mental Musings is a sporadic post series in which I encourage thought + discussion on topics such as life, death, creativity, happiness, success, philosophy, psychology, science, current events, and anything else relating to being human.

Ideas for posts may come from books, films, video clips, songs, articles, quotes, or simply the random thoughts running through my mind. I hope you enjoy this insight into the non-Yoga side of me + I’ll be incredibly grateful for your participation … now let’s muse! :)

Mental Musings: Do It Anyway @

Some of the best friends I’ve ever had (+ still have) I’ve met online. They may live on the other side of the city, the country, or the world, and when I have the rare chance to meet one of them in-person, I take it!

This past weekend, I attended Jennifer Pastiloff‘s On Being Human workshop (held @ Pure Yoga West here in NYC) – a mix of yoga, journaling, sharing, dancing, + all around dork-tastic-ness.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun, along with having my heart + mind cracked so wide open, in just 3 hours. Male or female, yogi or non-yogi, prolific writer or creatively challenged – no matter what you fall in any of these categories, this workshops is for you.

OK, let’s get down to brass tacks.

WHY is Jen’s workshop so great?

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