Enhance Your Serenity During Savasana with David Lurey + Mirjam’s “Savasana Serenades”

Savasana. Corpse Pose. In layman’s terms: the part at the end of a Yoga class where you lie down and do nothing for awhile.

For most yogis, we love being able to lie down in Savasana after a physical asana practice + “let it all soak in.” While that may be the case, we’ve all had an unpleasant Savasana experience that reminds us just how important it is to “do nothing for awhile.”

One of my least favorite Savasana memories involves a song that featured drums that were slowly played faster and faster, accompanied by people who slowly chanted louder and louder. After 5 minutes, it felt like I was trying to relax in the middle of New York City’s Times Square. (Translation: not my idea of “active relaxation” by any definition!)

Since that unfortunate Savasana experience, I’ve had countless other pleasant times in Corpse Pose, but I’ve never let that one creep too far out of my mind. Now that I’m a Yoga teacher, I have an even greater understanding of just how important the entire experience of Savasana is + the music you play (or don’t play) can have a huge impact on that experience.

Savasana Serenades

A good friend of mine from back in my San Francisco/Yoga Tree days, David Lurey, recently recorded an album with his wife called Savasana Serenades: Songs for Simplicity and Surrender … sounds like my kinda jams! (Side note: he also provided some very useful insights in my book, 27 Things to Know About Yoga)

I personally enjoy listening to music (or at least something!) during Savasana and I often play a song or 2 during Savasana when I’m teaching. While I can certainly see the benefits to being in silence during Savasana, unless you’re practicing in the woods or at a remote beach, you’ll end up with some kind of unpleasant/modern noise as your “music.” Also, silence can be overwhelming for many, while a serene song can keep you tethered to the moment + the overall focus of relaxation.

The essence of Savasana is simplicity + music sets the tone for safe, restful surrender. [Click to Tweet + Share the Awesome!]

The music that David + his wife Mirjam recorded is certainly peace-inducing. I can easily see how any of these songs could encourage a lingering sense of serenity both during Savasana + long after you step off your mat.

During Savasana, I enjoy songs that are purely instrumental, but this album really makes me rethink that. My personal favorites from David + Mirjam’s album are “Aad Guray Nameh” + “Shakti Ma”. Both songs are soft, sweet, gentle, and have repeating lyrics that progressively lure you into a sense of safe surrender.

My other favorite song from Savasana Serenades is “Fine as Fine Can Be”, a beautifully simple song with unexpectedly powerful lyrics. You just have to hear it to fully absorb the message.

The good news is that if you go to David’s online store, you can listen to a clip of each song. Also, check out the album’s page here, which has delightful descriptions of the meaning behind each song.

While the songs on this album are great selections to play while you relax in Savasana after an awesome home practice, I think they’d also be great to listen to during a Restorative Yoga practice or even a hectic day at work to help keep your heart rate down + your heart soft.



What do YOU like to listen to during Savasana: silence, instrumental music, or music with lyrics (like singing or chanting)?

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Note: A digital copy of this album was provided to me for free by the album’s artists. All opinions are 100% my own + my review was in no way influenced by their generosity.

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