The Desire Map Part 05: Delight + Dislike = Your Current Life

Ahoy + welcome! Let’s work through Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map together – if you’re new + curious, check out Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 + Part 4 to catch up 🙂

Give yourself a strong pat on the back/thumbs up/high five for getting started with the Desire Map worksheets – these suckers really make you think!

The Desire Map Part 05: Delight + Dislike = Your Current Life @

Moving into the second section of worksheets (pages 169-181), it’s time to put everything into perspective.

Much like last week, I resisted doing these worksheets until nearly the last minute.

Why’s it so tough for you to stop + think about your own life?

Fear of disappointment? The only person you can truly disappoint is yourself. In that case, acknowledge that you didn’t quite make it to where you want to + move on to your next goal.

Fear of failure? You only fail if you don’t acknowledge your mistakes + keep moving forward with a more self-educated perspective.

The worksheets for this week in particular focus on gratitude + shining light on what’s not working … two things you’re probably avoiding at all costs!

Gratitude: why focus on the positive? Isn’t that a big cheesy? How is that going to help?

Call is cheesy or dorky all you want, but if you don’t start by recognizing what’s great about your life, then you’ll miss what’s working + what doesn’t need to be changed.

Be specific. The longer the list, the better.

Knowing that you’ve got some parts of your life going strong can you give you the confidence + support to start changing what isn’t working … speaking of which …

What’s not working: why focus on the negative? Isn’t that going to bum me out? How is that going to help?

No one’s life is 100% positive + cheery all the time.

Major Truth: Your life will never be without change. Your life will always have something you want to change. Embrace the change!

As Danielle puts it:

We really do want to make a practice of accentuating the positive in our lives, so consider the “What’s not working” sections just pit stops along your appreciation highway. Keep your time there to a minimum, focus on the critical issues, and get back to the upside. (pg 170)

Bringing attention to what isn’t working in your life may simply mean listing thing things you can’t control + commit to focus on them less.

Maybe you will come across something you can change – even if slowly for now – and decide that now is the time to take the first step.

If you’re alive + reading this, then you have a whole f*cking lot to be grateful for, but if you never stop to take the time to realize that, you’ll always be fighting an uphill battle against the negativity in your life.

You can’t avoid negativity, but you can harness it for positive change.

Stay dark or bring the light in.



While this section of worksheets didn’t bring any major ah-ha moments for me, there were a few moments of “hmmm, that’s interesting!”

In terms of CREATIVITY & LEARNING, what’s not working … not making regular times for hobbies. I’m dissatisfied with this because … getting my mind off work isn’t a guilty pleasure, it’s a necessity to keep moving forward + to stay inspired.

Until now, I wasn’t even consciously aware that I was avoiding doing things I enjoy because I felt like I should be focusing on figuring out by business 24/7.

Of course, you need to make time for professional pursuits, especially when you’re on the verge of something new + you need to find income. That being said, you do still need to unwind + branch out to find those fresh ideas.

While I can’t spend my entire day reading books or coloring detailed pictures, I can make regular time for doing things I enjoy that have nothing to do with my professional work. Sounds like a good recipe for happiness to me.

In terms of CREATIVITY & LEARNING, what’s not working … lacking anatomical knowledge/education. I’m dissatisfied with this because … it hinders my ability to help myself at the gym + possibly professionally. It’s a subject I’m very curious about but have yet to pursue.

I’ve been curious about the human body my whole life, but I didn’t realize how held back I felt by not studying anatomy more.

As a Yoga teacher, the benefits of anatomical understanding are obvious, but my interest in physical understanding (as well as nutrition+ wellness) goes far beyond just the names of muscles + bones. The comprehension of how it all works together (body, mind, spirit) is the most interesting journey of all to me.




These worksheets were quite enjoyable, in part because they gave me a chance to bring light to all the things I have to be grateful for that have absolutely nothing to do with my non-existent business.

Realizing that you have so much to be happy about gives you great perspective. While my business is an important aspect of my life, it isn’t the only aspect. Some areas of my life have gone through great neglect due to my overt focus on my business in the past. That won’t be happening again.


Yup, the time has come to dive past the murky water + into the clean depths.

I’ll be working through pages 187-205 + next week, I’ll have some CDF to share with you – and I hope you’ll share yours with me.

This is what all the truth bombs + pondering has been for – working up to finding out your CDF + beginning to build your life around the feelings that makes you shine.

Stick with me … it’s just starting to get good. 😉




If you could snap your fingers + change 1 think about your life RIGHT NOW, what would it be + why?

COMMENT below, share your thoughts, + join the conversation!

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