27 Things to Know About Yoga

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[About the Book]

Your coworker, your best friend, that cute cashier at the grocery store: there’s a good chance they all practice yoga.

Whether you’ve already started a new yoga practice or are an honest-to-goodness beginner, this gateway book provides a hearty introduction to all the basic aspects of yoga and the benefits the low-cost practice offers – no matter your age, size, sex, religion, fitness level, or occupation. 27 Things to Know About Yoga will help you improve your health and overall quality of life by discovering:

  • The countless benefits of yoga, including relaxation, physical strength, stamina, mental clarity, and patience.
  • Basic yoga poses and postures.
  • The relationship between yoga and diet.
  • Over 100 helpful resources to supplement your yoga knowledge.

[About the Author]

Victoria Klein has written numerous magazine articles for yoga publications such as Yoga Journal and Yogi Times, and her writing on green living, fashion, health and hobbies has also appeared in CRAFT, Venus Zine, ReadyMade, and Office Solutions, among many other magazines and Web sites. Victoria became practicing yoga in 2000 and worked at Yoga Tree in San Francisco before moving to Connecticut.

[Advance Praise for 27 Things to Know About Yoga]

“Victoria has written a wonderful book about the foundation of yoga practice explained in a way that is accessible, informative, and down-to-earth. Whether you are a yoga newbie who is learning the ropes or an experienced yogi who wants to get back to basics, you’ll be inspired to roll out your mat and get started!” – Nora Isaacs, former senior editor at Yoga Journal Magazine and author of Women in Overdrive: Find Balance and Overcome Burnout at Any Age

27 Things is the perfect book for anyone who is thinking about diving into the world of yoga. By providing in-depth information on the origins of yoga as well as many resources, 27 Things demystifies the power of yoga while presenting a practical approach.” – Tisha Morris, author of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home

“Victoria is a friendly, funny, and knowledgeable guide to all things yoga. Her book can help you stop wondering about yoga and get inspired to start practicing it. Buy one copy for yourself, and one for your friend, family member, boyfriend, [or] girlfriend who needs a little help with starting a self-care practice.” – Kate Hanley, author of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide & founder of MSMindBody.com


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