Yoga Q+A: How Do I Choose a Yoga Studio to Practice at?

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Yoga Q+A: How Do I Choose a Yoga Studio to Practice at? @

“How do I choose a Yoga studio to practice at?”

This is one of my all-time favorite questions!

Choosing what Yoga studio you’re going to practice at is like shopping for jeans.

It doesn’t matter if they fit just right for someone else.

It doesn’t matter how much others have recommended it to you.

You have to try’em on for yourself to see if the fit is just right.

Just like jeans, there are Yoga studios for every style, shape, + personality. There’s no magic formula for choosing the right studio, where you’ll spend your time + money practicing all that Yoga has to offer. You simply have to get out there + try various Yoga studios on for “size”.

Step 1: Create a list of local Yoga studios

Ask friends. Ask strangers. Google Yoga studios + your city.

Check out the Yoga Journal studio directory.

Remember, the internet hunt is just ONE part of the fun 😉

Step 2: Visit each studio’s website + browse around

Based on what types of classes a studio offers + whichever place “jumps out” at you, arrange your list of studios in the order you want to try them.

Follow your gut!

Step 3: Try 1 studio at a time

If the studio has a “new student” special, do it!

Take as many classes as possible with your “new student” package.

Take classes with as many different teachers as possible.

At the end of your “new student” special (or 1 month, whichever comes first), ask yourself:

Do I feel welcomed? Do I feel challenged? Do I feel supported/not forced into anything? Do I enjoy Yoga even more than I did before?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you’ve found your Yoga studio.

If you couldn’t answer YES to all of these questions, go back to your list of Yoga studios + restart Step 3 until you find just the right place.

Remember: there’s NO RULE that says you have to practice at just 1 studio forever + ever.

Change happens to all of us: age, injury, location, interests … etc. You can ALWAYS try other studios + even change your “home” studio at anytime.

That being said, there is a great benefit to attending classes at one studio or with 1-2 teachers consistently: they can help monitor your progress + give you personal recommendations based on the growing knowledge they have about you + your practice.

Most importantly: embrace the adventure that practicing Yoga brings!

(no matter where you choose to practice) 🙂



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